About Us

Who Are We

 Built by Appraisers for Appraisers.

Automatic Appraisals is Your Personal Appraiser Assistant in the Cloud.

We combine our 16 years of appraisal experience with our advanced virtual assistant services creating the perfect appraiser assistant for your business. 

We integrate with software you already know. Dropbox, Gmail, Alamode Total, ACI Sky, Datamaster & NDC Data.

 We are appraisers and we built this platform for our own business and now we want to share it
with you. 

Our simple workflow and proprietary technology allows you to save hours on each report freeing you up to focus on appraising and growing your business. 

Our Services

● We offer a full service solution to be your personal appraisal assistant

● 100% Paperless office

● USPAP compliant digital work file with 15 Data Sets

● Mobile calendar integration

 ● Mobile links to Engagement Letter, MLS and Tax Sheets 

● Client / Lender / AMC Status updates & communication

● Start Up - Appraisal File Creation (Total & ACI)

● Write Up - Report Typing, comp input, adjustments, comments, sales history of subject and comps

● Write Up - Sketch input and subject and comp photographs added to report.

●  Completed report sent to Client / Lender / AMC

●   Invoice and billing completed and sent to Client / Lender / AMC

●   Accounts Receivable  and Collections Service

Why Choose Automatic Appraisals?

1. By Appraisers for Appraisers  - We understand what your work day looks like.

2. Simple and easy to use.

3. An affordable alternative to hiring employees.

4. You don't need to train & manage an assistant. Our staff are fully trained in appraisal report typing and support services.

5. You don't need to purchase and deploy high cost work spaces, servers or remote user licenses. We have all that infrastructure in place.

6. We can help you learn how to run a paperless office and become a mobile appraiser.

7. We utilize the latest tools and technology to help you grow your appraisal business.

8. Our work file is the best in the industry - be assured you're in compliance with the record keeping rule.

9. We are located in Southern California, not overseas. Our offices are in San Diego and Orange County.

10. We offer a no obligation free trial.

work flow and service overview process

Overview of our typical work flow.


  1. Startup - Before the Appraisal Inspection (Automatic Appraisals)
  2. Subject Field Inspection and Comparable analysis (Appraiser)
  3. Lender/Client/AMC updates and notifications (Automatic Appraisals)
  4. Writeup - After the Appraisal inspection (Automatic Appraisals)
  5. Final Reconciliation (Appraiser)
  6. Completed report sent to client (Automatic Appraisals)
  7. Report marked completed in Appraiser Dashboard and Tracking System (Automatic Appraisals)
  8. Report added to Accounts Receivable System (Automatic Appraisals)
  9. Invoice Sent to Customer (Automatic Appraisals)
  10. Scan Check Stubs to Automatic via Email (Appraiser)
  11. Record Payments in Accounts Receivable System (Automatic Appraisals)
  12. Send Reminder Emails Including Invoice to Clients for Outstanding Invoices (Automatic Appraisals)

our digital work file

PDF Files in Dropbox

Order Email - The email from the order being placed

Engagement Letter - The engagement letter from the Lender / client / AMC

Subject MLS - Most current MLS sheet from MLS

Subject Tax Record - Current Tax sheet from MLS system links

Subject Listing History - 12 month and prior from MLS

Subject Plat Map - Plat Map from Tax link & Assessor

Subject Site Map - Site Map from Tax link & Assessor (Form 1073 only).

Subject Zoning Sheet - Actual zoning and zoning map from County maps and web portals

VA Form 1805 - For Veterans Administration Orders

Subject Google Earth View - PDF sheet for work file

Subject Purchase Contract - Purchase Transaction Assignment Type

Subject Title Report - Title Company report; contains alternate Tax Record info and a full legal description

Client Order Form - From lender / client web portal

Subject Google Street View - PDF sheet for work file

Other Documents - Documents from client web portal that should be reviewed and saved in accordance with the record keeping rule

Subject Pictures - A folder to keep the subject pictures as part of the work file

Comp MLS & Tax Sheets - PDF Sheet of MLS and Tax for each comp used in the report

Comp MLS numbers - All comp MLS#s copied to a text file for easy copy and paste into MLS for appraiser review

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